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Canada West scores in last 2 minutes, takes victory against Slovakia

27. 6. 2019 | Kateřina Hamplová
The game between Slovakia and Canada West was well-balanced in the early minutes but the Slovak boys were the first to take the lead. However, the Canadians didn´t wait too long to respond and attacked quickly at the beginning of the second period. Team Slovakia picked up its power again and scored but it was not enough against Canada. This tense match ended in the last two minutes when the Canadian boys took advantage of their attack and achieved their first three points at this tournament.


Lubomír Liška (coach of Slovakia): Opening matches are always specific I think that opponent was moving faster, so he became better and deserved to win. Our goalie was fantastic výkon and I believe that our perfomance will be better step by step.

Paul Kastes (coach of Canada West): It was a really good game, boys were shooting a lot. They also made a huge pressure on the opponent. Our goaltender played very well, so thanks to him it is 3:2 for us.